Welcome to Mahmoud Gharib. For more than 40 years, Mahmoud Gharib has devoted his career to art education and he ranks as one of the profession's best known and most influential art and design.

     Before he was 10, Mahmoud began his study of drawings. He later entered the University of Helwan, Cairo, Egypt, where he was granted a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in 1973, he was the first among his colleagues. He worked as an art teacher in a teacher's institute in the Middle East. Mahmoud entered Manchester Polytechnic, England Now Manchester Metropolitan University). By this time he had received his Master's degree in graphic design 1980. During the past 20 years, he did many exhibitions in Europe, Middle East & North America. He completed many Murals all across the world. He also has worked as Art Director for more than 14 years in ASSTC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is affiliated to the United Nations.

     He has over 4500 works of Art including his illustrations, book cover design, children's books, logo design, illustrations for magazines and newspapers . He developed and printed several B/W and colour films in his own lab. ", developing his illustrations through the computer programs in the field of graphic design and web page design. One of his last books was published in Canada in 1999 which is called "Illustrations & Heritage". Instructed & Created an online animation course for Fanshawe College London Ontario Canada.

     Also, creator of children's books: "Nofe", 1990, "Hungry Wolves", 1991 and "Cry Bird", 1991.

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