Mahmoud A. H. Gharib

- Masters in Graphic Design, Illustrations, (UK) 1980, Manchester Poly. (Manchester Metropolitan University)

- Bachelors in Fine Arts, Painting, Helwan University, Cairo (Egypt) 1973 (His order of merit was the First).

** Creative Director, 1996-2006.

** Membership, Canadian Society of Children's Authors, illustrators and Performers (2000-2011)

** Publisher, "Beesan" First Issue Monthly Newspaper, Canada 1996.

** Art Director, ASSTC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (1982-1996).

** Illustrator, HH. Saudi Arabia Research and Marketing, London, U.K. 1981.
Al-Amn Wal Hayah Magazine, Saudi Arabia, 1982-1996, Arab Star, ON, Canada 1996.
Beesan Newspaper (2000) many Art Editing & Illustrations.

** Art Teacher, Ministry of Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1973-1978), Teacher's Institute.

** Created designs and illustrations for 162 issues of a monthly magazine over a 14-year period. Designed and printed more than 100 different Social posters, some of which were distributed to the United Nations.

** Illustrated and published thousands of illustrations for magazines, newspapers and brochures in Europe & the Middle East, Illustrated several books including 8 children's books and the Author of the book that was published in Canada, 1999 (Illustrations & Heritage; 160 pages, 150 illustrations).

** Painted 20 murals on canvas, 4mx Y2m for conference rooms, corridors of government buildings, telecommunication tower, etc.

** Many Exhibitions were made in Europe, Middle East and North America.

"Nofe", 1990, "Hungry Wolves", 1991, "Cry Bird", 1991.

Albilad Newspaper (2002), (Illustrator)

Illustrations & Heritage (1999)
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